отдых на море
Where are you? … I’m at the seaside!!!

   From the telephone conversation:
   – Where are you?
   – I’m on vacation in Vylkove, in the “Safe harbor” country-house.
   – And I’m at the seaside!!!
   Callback in 15 minutes:
   – So where are you?
   – You heard me: at the seaside!
   – So do I!

   Yes, it takes 15 minutes by car to get from the “Safe harbor” country-house to the Black Sea. Experienced tourists may say: “Haven’t we seen the sea to go there?”. – Yes, you haven’t seen such a sea in 15 kilometers from Vylkove which has its peculiarity. It’s a sea-shore where two waters meet: fresh Danube water and Black Sea salt water. It is appropriate to recall the uniqueness of the Black Sea water, the sea surface saltiness is 17% permille (gram of salt per liter), it is half as much as water of ocean saltiness (35%). There is no more water body with similar saltiness in the world, only the Black Sea! Isn’t it unique? It’s unique. In this connection one can mention a unique coincidence: the human blood has the same saltiness percentage!
   Vylkove sea-shore water saltiness is usually lower than 17% and this percentage is not stable, everything depends on weather. If the wind blows from the Danube delta to the sea, it pushes back the sea water thus minimizing the water saltiness percentage. Is it interesting? – I’ll say!
   You are sunbathing, swimming in the Black Sea and the water is almost fresh! One more interesting piece of information for tourists: more than 1000 rivers flow into the Black Sea, the river flow in the sea amounts 348 km³ of fresh water per year. And 57,5% from this amount brings Danube.
   And now we go to the air. Atmospheric air here is formed of three microclimates, namely the steppe zone air, sea air and the air of Stentsovo-Zhebriyany reed bed. A lot of scientific papers are dedicated to curative properties of such microclimate; the project on creation of specialized health resort was devised in the Soviet times. The scheme died aborning… But the air remained the same until now and you have opportunity to catch a breath of such air. For this purpose you need to come in Vylkove, to settle into the country-house “Safe harbor” and to arrange a journey to the seaside. It will take 15 minutes. And you may call friends and say: “Where are you? I’m at the seaside!”